Bam-Bam is a contemporary painter and multi-disciplinary visual artist of mixed French, Moroccan, and Scottish heritage, raised in England.

At the heart of Bam-Bam’s aesthetic is a desire to revitalise spaces and surfaces with vivid patterns and designs. Bam-Bam is a visual storyteller whose work draws on image, shape, colour and narrative to create visual expressions. She loves how painting can transform anything into imaginative visual languages.

Bam-Bam fuses traditional and contemporary styles, frequently employing bold geometric patterns. She works across a variety of materials and surfaces, using spray paints, prints, and pigments, leaving marks and brush-strokes on bodies, abandoned buildings, paper, textiles, and other canvases. Bam-Bam has also developed many of her designs into wearable art and décor.

There is a robust theatricality to Bam-Bam’s practice, which involves characters and costumes in the development of each work, this allows her imagination to run wild during the creative process. As a result, many of Bam-Bam’s works express vivid psychedelic imagery that evokes a sense of fantasy, wonder, and euphoria.


April 2022

Wolf And Badger X Bam-Bam Collaboration: The destination to discover independent ethical brands worldwide

March 2022

Nicole De Moubader Album Photoshoot – wearing Bam-Bam – Styled by May Cortezzi

February 2022 to Present

“Metamorfosa” – Coral reforestation sculpture and NFT project in collaboration with Coinbase, Coinwallet and Sumberkima Hill

January 2022

THE US Paris – Magazine – January 2022 Publication – Digital Avatar Fashion and NFT art, Bam-Bam X Temple Cache

January 2022

Stephen Mack Jones, Book Cover Illustration Licence , Detroit

December 2021

Miami Art Basel December 2021 | Playboy X Sevens Grants Digital Art NFT Exhibition ‘The Art of Gender and Sexuality’. 50 international artists, available on Opensea

December 2021 to present

Ruko Three Co-founder and managing director

November 2021

1XRUN x Bam-Bam collaboration, Detroit Michigan, The top American Print

October 2021

The London Art Car Boot Fair 2021 – Print sales with Ace Art Advisory

August 2021 to present

Creative collaboration with creative digital studio Temple Cache

August 2021

NFT artworks launched and sold on the Foundation Platform

February 2022

Inja releases new music video ‘Not Broken’ wearing Bam-Bam

December 2021

Raad Riot Exhibition | Joshua District, Bali Indonesia

November 2021

These glitchy banana A2 digital prints, edition of 20 are NOW AVAILABLE to buy from The Art Car Boot Fair with Ace Editions.

August 2021

Interviewed by Emma Isaacs for Podcast ‘Creative Ways’

July 2021

Franco-Venezuelan singer La Chica performs at the Au Large Music Festival in Marseilles, France, looking fabulous in head to toe Bam-Bam wearable art.

July 2021

Warped Warhol Bags, a collaboration print project with Indonesian wood-cut print artist Gracka for Bali Life Foundation fundraiser. Sold out in one day. All proceeds went to an amazing cause.

July 2021

Collaboration with the fabulous costume designer Jackalopeland.

May 2021

Bam Bam instagram takeover for Bridgeman Editions. A limited edition print company based in London, New York and Europe.

April 2021

Big thank you to everybody who donated and supported Edible London’s One Million Meal Plan! We raised £20,639 in total (more than double the target amount) towards Edible London’s charitable project. This money raised means that Edible London can keep distributing food to those most vulnerable in London, and continue their work regenerating disused urban spaces into community growing spaces and providing sustainability workshops for youth in London. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this amazing program, and congratulations to Sam who won the painting!!!




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