Warped Warhol Yellow Banana

Warped Warhol Yellow Banana

A contemporary and glitchy take on the historic Andy Warhol Banana print. Painted in 2020, because 2020.. well it was bananas!
Painted using spray paint on a 210cm x 150cm canvas.
Adapting and evolving this iconic and loved image to a larger than life, surrealist nature. The pink from inside the velvet underground banana breaking free from the sides. The geometric background contrasts the bold and glitched banana design, securing it firmly into a fantasy realm.

From all the uncertainty of 2020 I started to realise what was really important for me to portray in my art..  Fun, the enjoyment of painting and the enjoyment of dressing up next to my painting. I want my art to portray the joy of making it to the viewers. So I gaffa-taped a banana to my chest the reference the famous 2019 banana by Maurizio Cattelan auctioned at Art Basel, I continued the banana saga.

CATEGORY: Painting

MEDIA: Spray Paint on Canvas

YEAR: 2020

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