Geometric Portrait of Joy Crookes

Geometric Portrait of Joy Crookes

A 200cm x 150cm painting on canvas, painted with spray paint, inks and acrylic.
Joy Crookes is a Bangladeshi/Irish singer/song-writer from London. What inspired this painting was how human, inspired and proud to be a woman I felt whilst watching Joy Crookes singing in September 2019. In a spin of creative flow after watching her concert I set to painting her face. It needs to be larger than life, she made her audience feel so alive in such a gentle and mysterious way, I wanted to portray that. Her lyrics helped me move blocks in my brain that had stopped me from appreciating the tools I had to create. This is a painting of gratitude.

I had planned to exhibit it in 2020 but due to the global pandemic, I extended this gratitude and donated the painting to the Edible London crowdfunder. This lottery raised over £20,000 towards community projects in London based on re-growth, education and planting seeds for a better future.


CATEGORY: Painting

MEDIA: Spray Paint, acrylic

YEAR: 2019

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