Giant Jellyfish Mural

Giant Jellyfish Mural

I have had an interest in surrealism since I first saw the artwork by Spanish artist Salvador Dali when I was in my teens.  Since then I have had an intense appreciation for the surreal and absurd in artwork and in life!  Fantasy and comedy makes for a fun reality.  Your imagination has no limits and surrealism can open doors in the brain that can feel uncomfortable, but from challenge comes the biggest growth.

With this mural I wanted to play with scale, taking the beauty of tiny luminescent jelly-fish and have them huge powerful creatures soaring above our heads.
I am drawn to things that glow, the under-water world fascinates me, another planet under the water.  I used neon spray paints to paint this piece, the technology to create these paints and colours originated from creatures from the depths of the ocean.  With marine biology and under-water exploration, science has been able to artificially re-create these glowing colours into paints.


MEDIA: Spray Paint

YEAR: 2020

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