Jungle Mural

Jungle Mural

A colourful collaboration with Ro, Alice and Sarah, the ninja team of British painters who travelled across the globe to Panama to follow our dreams of adventure and colour.  We landed in this beautiful foreign land and set to painting this colourful jungle scene in this huge warehouse in the middle of the city. The painting was 12m x 3m and painted over 3 days, we painted all day long and even into the night. Even through power cuts, we continued to paint by candle-light!
The warehouse would later be used for events, hence the DJ depicted inside the bird on the left hand-side.
We painted with emulsion paints, using rollers and brushes.   After our week of painting in the city our job lead us to the jungle where we would experience the reality of our depictions.

CATEGORY: Mural Commission

MEDIA: Acrylic and emulsion wall paint

YEAR: 2019

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