Magic Mirror Music Video

Magic Mirror Music Video

I dreamt of painting spirals, I dreamt of a woman dancing into them and becoming absorbed by them. Months later I went to see a live performance by a stunning and talented friend Barbarella ( @barbarellasbangbang ). I was watching her spin and hit notes that would shock a blackbird and the penny dropped, she was the woman spinning into spirals.

I had worked as an assistant art director on adverts, music videos and films for years; this was the first time I got to art direct a music video myself.

Barbarella’s song ‘Magic Mirror’ was written about creative madness and how we reflect it in our partners, our lovers, our family and our friends.  The creative madness can be perceived in both ways, when creative madness meets in a positive way it can be used as a collective to elevate and create incredible collaborations.  The spiral goes both ways, but for this project I only have great things to say.

This video was sponsored by The Big Sky Studios, (the biggest photo/video studio in the UK). Filmed and edited by Jamie Reibl, Fanny Burgos on make-up and Alessandra Murreddu on Photography.

Click the link to the right to see the full music video.

CATEGORY: Photography

MEDIA: Body paint, acrylic

YEAR: 2019

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