Portrait of Meicrosoft

Portrait of Meicrosoft

A spray-painted giant portrait of Mei Pang (Meicrosoft) on a pale turquoise base. I was inspired by Mei Pang’s instagram page, a series of bright and fabulous looks on a gorgeous alternative model, mixed race with a shaved head and full of brilliant tattoo art.  She inspired me as a positive role model who embraces her alternative side.  I painted the wall with two brilliant female artists, @clarafosca and @evynovitaa.
Check my youtube channel for a great video by @bheisayu of us painting together and having fun.  I love the community of artists I get to meet through street art, I learn so much and have such a great time with the community of interesting people from all walks of life.

CATEGORY: Street Art

MEDIA: Spray Paint

YEAR: 2021

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