Pulpo Mural

Pulpo Mural

Geometric patterns are hugely present throughout the natural world. Leaves, clouds, snails, shells.. actually most cells under microscopes have a geometric format.  This underlying mathematical structure is what interests me about using them within my work.  Here I recreated a geometric vortex mandala without the use of a projector.  The process of painting a mandala is hugely meditative, it opens pathways in your brain that allow you to focus entirely on what you are creating.  A circle, a journey, creating and object that is whole but has no sides.
Here I painted a pulpo (octopus) crawling out of a vortex, or perhaps being sucked in.. that is for the viewer’s personal perception.
Painted in Mexico, this was one of my first commissions as a painter.


MEDIA: Acrylic

YEAR: 2018

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