Senshi Wall Hanging



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Limited Edition, hand-made, wall hanging by Bam-Bam. Cubist dancers screen-printed Senshi pattern, 2m x 1.5m

฿₳₥-฿₳₥ ₳Ɽ₮

The fabric design was created from an original Bam-Bam mural painting in 2019 called The Cubist Dancers. Screen-prints from this original painting were shown in an exhibition in Fulham, London 2019, alongside artists such as Damien Hirst and Paul Huxley. In 2021 Bam-Bam has transformed the design into wearable art and decor.
The original mural painting by Bam-Bam was essentially based on a party, with forms reduced to a cubist nature, lines, shapes and patterns that bring the energy of exploration and adventure. The development to the fabric designs transformed the image to ideas of balance. Evoking the visual harmony that can be created through symmetry and repetition.  The patterns create an abstract visual language that changes as you explore the areas of the image. It is a design about equilibrium, using monochrome and simplfying shapes to cubism.
Printed onto sustainable linen fabric with black linen edging. These wall hangings are able to be hung landscape or portrait.

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