Pink Senshi Kimono

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Super soft and light fun and classy Pink Senshi Kimono, hand-made from  screen-printed cotton modal.
With conveniant side pockets and a sash to close the kimono.
These textiles are original designs by Bam-Bam, developed from illustrations of an abstract cubism nature.
The design is split, the left side is dark on light, the right side light on dark, creating a pleasing visual balance when worn.

These fabric designs are based on ideas of balance. Evoking the visual harmony that can be created through symmetry and repetition.  The fabric is an abstract visual language that changes as it moves with the body. These fabrics are original Bam-Bam designs and unique contemporary concepts printed on cotton modal.

Great for parties, streetwear, beach vibes, pool-side, can also be worn as a soft and light night gown.

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From a painting.. to a print.. to a fabric.. to wearable art.. become the artwork!